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  • "I want to make Asian food cooking easy

    for anyone to cook anywhere in the world."

    Mr. Smith Taweelerdniti ∙ East Kitchen Product Designer

    Problem Statement

    From the designer’s experience when living in the USA, he found that most Asian products were not designed for Westerners to cook easily.


    Every products used the mindset "Inside Looking Out", meaning that "Designed by Asian for Asian in the way that Asian will use it and push it out to the world."


    What if we look at Asian Foods from "Outside Looking In", making Western consumers as the main target group, what will the new Asian food look like?

    Unique Solutions

    1. The product must be self-sufficient, no need to add extra flavoring - just bring meat, vegetables, water & good for Western cooking style.


    2. The outcome of cooking must be edible with just a fork. For curry, it must be thick, not watery, by research a suitable starch formula to include right into the products.


    3. The flavor must not be too spicy. Even children should be able to enjoy it. We use little chili while maintaining flavor of herbs & spices.

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    Japanese curry

    Brought from India by the British, Curry or Kare was

    introduced to Japan over a century ago in the Meiji period. Often serve with rice, noodle or pastry. It is so popular that it is now considered Japanese national dish.

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    Thailand Kaprow Basil

    Known in Thailand just after World War II, "Kaprow Basil Chicken" is now Thai People's most favorite dish. This pungent basil brings the best out of any meat.

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    Japanese Teriyaki

    "Teri" refers to glazing of soy sauce & "Yaki" means broiling. It is the most popular Japanese dish outside Japan. This glazing sauce can amaze you in every meat choice.

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    Korean Spicy Bulgogi

    In Korean language, "Bul" means fire & "Gogi" means meat.

    Grilling marinated meat over perforated metal plate is now popular around the world. Spicy version of the sauce made it a big hit.

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    China's Hunan Orange Peel

    Orange was first cultivated in China 4,500 years ago.

    The cooking with orange sauce is famous for China Hunan region. This recipe is sweet & sour with a heavy accent of orange.

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    Thailand Tom Yum

    Tom Yum has made a name for Thailand with its tangy, hot & spicy flavor. This is the new “Curry Style” Tom Yum. It is thicker than usual but still 100% Tom Yum signature.

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    Thailand Green curry

    Its green color is from herbs & green chili. Known in Thailand as “Kaeng Khiao Wan”, means “Sweet Green Curry”; this recipe has rich coconut taste & complex mix of Thai aromatic herbs.

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    Thailand panang curry

    Do not confuse with Red Curry, Panang is thick, robust & full of coconut flavor. Its hotness is milder than other Thai curries.

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    thailand massaman curry

    Originate from the South of Thailand, Massaman Curry carries Muslim cooking heritage using locally grown ingredients. It has a hint of sweet & generous use of spices.

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    thailand tom kha gai

    In Thai, “Tom Kha Gai” means “Galangal Chicken Soup” suggests the use of aromatic herbs to accentuate the taste of chicken. It has bold coconut flavor & refreshing taste.

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    China's Fujian black pepper Stir fry

    What is better suit succulent meat & fresh cut vegetables than a Black Pepper Stir Fry? Try the dish that is popular around the world - The Black Pepper Crab.

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    China's Guangdong sweet & sour stir fry

    Presumably created hundreds of years ago in Qing dynasty, Sweet & Sour recipe is popular in both eastern and western worlds. It has a mild sweet note contrasting its vinegary taste.

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